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Wednesday, October 04, 2006 

Checking in from The P.I.

So I think I've recovered from the jet lag. A few things to catch you up with:

This was a very interesting flight. The person sitting next to me had seizures during the first few minutes of the flight. He had at least three. He was having spasms in the aisle, in his seat, across a few seats and everywhere else in between. I got kicked around a little, but not too bad.
I also sat next to a really geeky guy who had a pretty hot wife. She did look like she was about 16, but I give him credit. I'm thinking he either mail ordered her or he created her in his Frankenstein basement. Oh yeah... she also didn't use the bathroom the whole time between San Francisco & Hong Kong so she probably was created in the basement. =P

So Manila is kinda' cool. There's a lot of traffic. I was able to see 4 of my cousins so far (3 of whom I never met before). Frenchy joined me for this portion of this trip. I've pretty much only have eaten a lot and did some shopping for useless stuff.

(Crabs from the Fish Market-like Restuarant. "Lalaki" means "boy" or crab with a lot of meat. "Babae" means "girl" or crab with lots of eggs a little meat. "Bakla" means "gay" or crab with little number of eggs and medium-sized meat.)

(Big Al & Frenchy in the barrios of Manila)