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Wednesday, October 18, 2006 

Big Al gets attacked by blood thirsty dogs and a few things I learned...

So I'm going to dinner and I get attacked by 3 huge killer dogs. Actually... just chased after in the streets of Sanur, Bali. Actually... just barked at and curiously followed by small pack of harmless stray dogs for about 10 feet.

(WANTED: Attempted assault on a tourist)

On this trip I've learned a few things:
- Asian food is great and cheap, but you can only eat so much of it before you have to get back to American goodness - like pizza. I'm going to KFC tomorrow.

(Kinda' like CPK but only $3)

- Labor is extremely cheap here. If you go to the malls, there may be 4-5 people trying to sell you a pair of shoes or sunglasses. For example, Budwieser or Miller Brewing use machines to serial # their beer stock. Here in Bali, they handwrite it. Good jobs with those with bachelor degrees will get you about $200USD/month. So for those of my friends that think they're underpaid - be happy. And for those that are "bling-bling"... maybe you should give me some.

(Bali's version of a Gordon Biersch Marzen but with handwritten "Born On" date)

- There's this International fascination for Ralph Laruen Polo here. I can understand all the surf shops, but c'mon Polo??? Anyways, not that I hate the stuff, but there's one of these stores around every corner.(I have nothing to say here)

- Lastly, the bombings have really made a financial impact to this island. It really sucks for them. The 2 bombings (2002 & 2004) occurred around this time - most likely due to coincide with Ramadan. I passed by both sites today and checked out the memorial to the 2002 bombing that claimed 200+ lives.(The memorial dedicated on the 2nd anniversary of the Oct 2002 bombing lists the names of all those that died in the bombing)

(The 2nd bombing occurred in Oct 2004 in a cafe that has since been replaced by Rusty - a surf clothing shop. You can see that just to the right of Rusty an empty shop and hole above it. It looks like everything is not back to normal yet).

instead of letting the dogs chase you, why didn't you just eat them?


did u know hammer was named after hank aaron?

-4nyay the great - www.4nyay.com

The dogs are stray... can't eat them. It's like having unprotected sex.

-Big Al

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