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Friday, September 08, 2006 

So what's next for Big Al?

As of 3:15pm on 9/8/06, I am officially putting my tech career on hold. I'm off to seek new adventures, new opportunities and follow my dreams. Although I can't talk about my new "work". It's going to be a fun and exciting time. Over the next few months I'm going to be self-employed and living off of savings. My new job will take me to new places such as Houston, TX, the Philippine Islands, Malaysia & Bali. Hopefully I can find new opportunities in Fiji, Tonga, Thailand, Honduras & Guam (just to name a few).

My official unemployment started with cashing in my last paycheck at Washington Mutual, then a walk along the Embarcadero (where I saw the Burning Man statues), a snack at Gordon Biersch with Natalie and then a Randy Winn Bobblehead at AT&T Park where I casually entered the Single's Night area and practiced my "game".