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Wednesday, August 16, 2006 

Big Al's friends are pretty cool

So I got invited to the McAfee Suite at the McAfee Coliseum in Oakland. I thought I would never find my way back in here after I left the company. Luckily I have some cool friends that have access to the box.

I was able to take my new friend Natalie. I met her on the Muni train in SF. It's a funny story how we met. We were taking the outbound Muni train towards the Caltrain stop (the one that runs right in front of AT&T park). The southbound Caltrain from SF to SJ leaves exactly at 4:33. We must have been on the Muni train until 4:32 and everybody in the train was in some kind of panic (except for me). Natalie was going crazy, but I seemed to have calmed her and everybody down. We all got out shortly and made the train. Natalie and I chatted the whole way back. I guess we find friends in weird places under weird circumstances.

Oh yeah.. the A's lost.