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Thursday, July 20, 2006 

Weird things happen on the CalTrain

Despite the harsh commute of going into SF from SJ everyday I find the alone time on the CalTrain being the most beneficial. Sometimes I'll catch up with my reading, have a quick meal or chat it up with some stranger. Other times I see really strange things happen. I remember an occassion when a strange lady started asking people for "3 dollars". After no success she went back through the car about 15 minutes later and asked for "2 dollars". I guess her logic was that since nobody was able to meet her $3 request she would lower it to $2 and see if that market was available. Again she didn't have any success.

It's always tragic when there's an injury caused by the Caltrain. About 10 or so times a year a person is commits suicide. In my commuting I have been exposed to 1 injury and 1 death, but both were not suicides. The second one occurred because a elderly gentleman who was selling ice cream thought he could beat a train out so he crossed the blocked tracks on his bike. He didn't make it. The first time was luckily an injury. I am assuming it was IPOD related. Supposedly there was a guy in San Mateo that was struck by a train that he didn't notice because he was listening to his headphones. Luckily he only broke an arm. Both of these incidents occurred when I was not on the incidental train. However, my train was delayed and once evacuated. Here are the pictures of what a train evacuation looks like with total chaos and no leadership.