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Tuesday, June 20, 2006 

An open apology from Big Al... from Connecticut

To all the friends of BigAlsHouse.com. Yes, it sucks that I have not posted in awhile. I really wish I had a little more time in the day, but with getting back to the new day job has taken a lot away from me. I hope to do more daily postings from here on.

Right now I'm in Hartford, Connecticut visiting a customer. It sucks because the days are really long. I should be home on Wednesday night. I'll post pictures of my Thailand adventure as soon as possible. Until then, enjoy my pictures from where I'm at today:

and another week goes by w/out a big al post :(

-4nyay of www.4nyay.com - a website that gets updated for the people regularly

hi allan. happy summer. hope all is well...

are we gonna get a follow apology soon too?

-the infamous 4nyay

i think it's time to launch bigalshouse.com version 3.0. this version should actually have updates from big al.

-4nyay - a concerned friend

i guess i keep coming back in hopes of a new apology :(

-4nyay - an unapologetic friend about apology blogs

even if big al doesn't post, i will. dude, get rid of gabbly. it pisses me off & i post the most...more than u at least. when i go to write in this 'leave ur comment' box, i have to close gabbly. it then brings me to ur home page. i don't have time for these shenaningans. seriously B, who does that shit?

4nyay - a zizou supporter

remember when i fukt ur cuzin? that was fun. too bad u suk more than her. ewww.

damn u gabbly!!

4nyay - the flip taker (hehe - i drinky now - i'm not sure what that means, but i have a good idea. wahahaha)

hmmm...i don't know what that means exactly. too bad you can't delete posts :(

-4nyay - call me 'commander'

dude, could you erase that comment already or at least create a new post??

4nyay - a god, not the god, but a god

So...the two pics you can see on the top of your webpage have you pointing and having your mouth open. What is that your new pose or something? - Barry Zito

u'd think bi-gal would be updated since he doesn't have a job & all. just a thought.

& some cat named derf zinged u...haha

-4nyay the great

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