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Tuesday, May 16, 2006 

Big Al's Big Thailand Adventure Begins

As of 4:30pm on Monday, 5/15/06 I am unemployed. I have absolutely no responsibilities. I am really happy and excited to begin my next chapter in my life.

Joining Big Al on his adventure is Rita from Philly. Scott aka Frenchy may be there - such a flake. I also have a fulfilled a request from T-Rom of Plano, TX. He suggested me to bring a gnome, but that was way too big, so I'm brining SF Giant's Charlie Brown of Peanuts fame.

As for the rest of you folks, you'll be able to visit the Far East with me through this blog. I will try to accomodate any suggestions, comments, requests, etc. so keep them coming through email, chat or comment space. Here's a few words from Big Al:

Shout outs to the McAfee crew: Steve, Awais, Usman, Asim & William.