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Tuesday, May 23, 2006 

Big Al sees strippers, golfers & tigers... oh my!

So I'm still here in Bangkok. This city rocks. There is so much to do. On Saturday we took a riverboat cruise and checked out a Wat (worship temple). We then were supposed to check out the Grand Palace (Bangkok's biggest temple), but some dude stopped us and told us it was closed - unfortunately we believed him. We are tricked into going into this jewelry store across town and Rita bought an emerald that probably wasn't worth the price that she paid. I didn't get tricked into buying anything, but rather I loaded up on their free beer and Ritz crackers. After realizing that this was a con, we went back on Sunday to the store to return it. She got lucky.

After the jewelry-con, we went to Mhuy Thai boxing. We saw a few fights including 2 knockouts. This show was pretty bad ass especially since we sat in the 3rd row. After the match I went to the store and stocked up on useless kickboxing gear.

On Monday, I checked out the Grand Palace and then Rita and I went to the Elephant and Crocodile show. This was pretty entertaining. They had the elephants playing games, reenacting wars and playing instruments and dancing. At the end we were able to feed them and have a ride on them for a little more than $1 USD. That night we also met Van from Sunnyvale. Pretty cool to meet an unexpected friend thousands of miles away. We're going to go out on Tuesday night to have some drinks and checkout the Bangkok skyline. Later that evening we checked out a strip/go-go dance club. It was pretty cool. I'll try to get pictures later.

On Tuesday, I went to the Fairtex Mhuy Thai kickboxing training camp. Pretty cool to see a bunch of folks train for the World Championships next week. I bought more useless kickboxing stuff. Afterwards, I went to play golf at the Royal Country Club outside of Bangkok. My play sucked, but I had a caddie which was really cool. Her name was Ko and she was so nice. I'd tee off and then we'd drive to my ball and all of a sudden she would say "one-fifty". The course was so beautiful. Water was in play for all 18 holes. I once hit a ball that barely rolled into the water and she went into the water to pick it up. Awesome! The green fee was about $20 USD - unbelievable. Anyways... until next time.

shit looks awesome. i'm pissed. how are the floods?

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