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Wednesday, May 10, 2006 

Big Al goes to Thailand

On Tuesday, 5/16 BigAlsHouse.com will leave for the land of many smiles - Thailand. There is no itinerary, no plans and very little packing involved - just lots of fun. This is going to be a totally interactive trip in which you, the loyal visitors of BigAlsHouse.com, will participate in my vacation. I have to do a little thinking about this, but I'm open to suggestions as to which city I'll visit next, what activity I should do, who/what I should take a picture with, etc. I'll open a chat box to make this a little more user-friendly. Stay tuned!

BTW: Rita, my friend from Torino is coming along so I'm pretty excited to meet up with her. Maybe Frenchy and Thuy will be there too. Me love u long time!

is that thuy diep?

4nyay of www.4nyay.com fame?

No. Just a friend. She isn't coming anymore.

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