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Tuesday, April 18, 2006 

Take Big Al To Work Day #1

I've had a lot of request to get Big Al on location. We had a loyal reader - Joe Jeezey for V-Towne write in:

Dear Big Al,
Your website is a hit at my work "2nd Principal Mortgage". I'd like to bring you and your website in to meet your fan base. Much appreciated!

This was an interesting thought, so on Friday, 4/14 was the 1st official Take Big Al

I was able to meet the fans, talk shop and sign some autographs. It was an interesting bunch of people. Some people thought I was a shroom head, others probably thought I worked there. On the most part, it was a successful Take Big Al To Work Day. Thanks to Joe Jeezy for providing lunch and thanks to 2nd Principal Mortgage!

I anticipate more Take Big Al To Work Days. If you and your company would like to sponsor Big Al to visit them at their work, please send an email to us and we'll have our staff contact you.