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Wednesday, April 26, 2006 

Public Notice from BigAlsHouse.com Staff

Dear readers of BigAlsHouse.com,

It has come to our attention the pop-up ads have created a lot of problems for our loyal fan base. BigAlsHouse.com has recently spent many IT resources to remove all popup ads associated with its site. The advertisements were a great source of revenue for BigAlsHouse, but because you guys bitched and complained, we are now poorer than we already are. We thank you for visiting us often and posting your rediculous complaints, but screw all of you for making us broke. Thanks again and we hope you come back soon.

-BigAlsHouse.com Staff

tis about fucking time there is no pop-ups. u are now slowly joining the ranks of www.4nyay.com - another pop-up free website.

4nyay of www.4nyay.com fame

do u have a full picture of the girl on the right in the picture of you pionting at the readers? i'm curious to see if she hot or not.

4nyay of www.4nyay.com fame

it appears that when the popups got destroyed, so did the update mechanism :(

-4nyay of www.4nyay.com - the original popup free website

bigalshouse.com has boycotted its patrons for 11 days so far. i will now boycott bigalshouse.com for at least 11 days, depending on what day he responds next.

4nyay of www.4nyay.com - a website that cares about its people

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