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Sunday, April 09, 2006 

Don't Ask Eric to Drive the Getaway Car

So Eric managed to score tickets to the Giant's game behind home plate. Thank you Eric! Awesome seats!!!

The game went a little back-and-forth for a little while, but the Giant's ended coming from behind with a Lance Niekro homerun and then a Randy Winn (SCU alum) bloop single game-winning RBI. The Giant's won 5-4 which makes me 2-0 for the year. World Series here we come!!!

Anyways, the best part came after the game, and I think Steve could better explain the situation:

Although we weren't too drunk (at least in my opinion), we had a hard time locating the Batmobile. Keep in mind that everybody but Eric took BART to get to the game. Mr. CPA wrote down parking space "1385" on his hand so he wouldn't forget. The getaway vehicle was parked in "1285". Remind me NOT to pick you as the driver during our next bank heist.

thank you for the information provided, we are waiting for the next info

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