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Sunday, April 30, 2006 

Big Al's Wedding #2 of the 2006 Season

So Big Al took the opportunity on Sunday, April 30th to visit his longtime friend Michelle's wedding. I've known Michelle and her sister Yvonne for the better part of 20+ years, but I've lost touch with them over the last few years since we graduated high school. Michelle was SP-SV c/o of 1996 and Yvonne was SP-SV c/o of 1997 and SCS c/o 1993. I was fortunate to see a lot of my old friends from grade school & high school.

(Marc S., Frances A., Joi S., Big Al, Jenny S. & Crystal J.)

(Big Al & Michelle)

(Big Al & Neil - dude who cut the "SP-SV" into my hair during Homecoming)