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Monday, April 03, 2006 

Big Al's Mailbag: What's the deal?

So I've received lots of fan mail, but I never have the time to read or answer it. I would usually blame the possibility of anthrax in the mail, but it's just pure laziness. Anyways, I'd like to introduce a new segment of my blog - Big Al's Mailbag. Here's a few of my recent submissions:

Dear Big Al,
There's this guy that seems to be all over your website, some people refer to him as "4nyay" or "Frenchie". I see pictures of him in your writings. He's kinda' cute. What's the deal?

- Curious from Castro

Scott, aka Frenchie, aka 4nyay, etc. is the resident blog groupie. There isn't much to say other than he just really wants to be like me. He claims he's a drinker, but I can out do him. Often times you'll see him in the Bay Area just to pick up on my sloppy seconds. He also thinks he African-American. From what I know he's sexual orientation is straight, but from what I've heard he's "try-curious". Give it a shot!

Dear Big Al,
You have some cute friends, family, etc. from all the pictures that I see on your blogs. How can I hook up with them? What's the deal?

-HorneeDood in Sunnyvale

BigAlsHouse.com is not a dating portal. We do not encourage using BigAlsHouse.com as a means to solicit any sexual activity of any kind. Go visit http://www.4nyay.com for your shitz and gigglez.

Dear Big Al,
You seem very knowledgeable in sports and just general world events. How is that possible? What's the deal?

-ButchChik from Fremont

I believe edumakashun is very important to a person's well-being. With that, I encourage everybody to go to school. Taking that a little further, I think being knowledgeable is important to a person's social skills. It's very important for me to inform everybody at a social setting that the Yankees suck or the A's suck or UCLA sucks, just because it is the truth. However, being a humble being that I am, I try to keep it to myself that the Giant's and the Santa Clara Broncos rock! Good question Butch.

Dear Big Al,
After reading your blog and checking out your pictures, you seem like your such a stud. It's weird, you don't have a girlfriend. Are you gay? What's the deal?

-UB6IB9 in Santa Clara

Big Al is not homosexual. He's an equal opportunity employer of female's of all backgrounds. Big Al and BigAlsHouse.com encourage all females to submit applications, resumes, headshots, bottomshots, full frontal nudity shots to the BigAlsHouse.com contacts. Thanks!

That's it for this edition of Big Al's Mailbag. Keep it coming!

yo big gay al, what's the deal w/ all the dudes sending you fan mail. do u lead an alternate lifestyle or something that we should know about? not that there's anything wrong with it.


doooooooood...why does www.bigalshouse.com Version 2.0 have pop-ups? send my complaints to management.


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