Sunday, April 30, 2006 

Big Al's Wedding #2 of the 2006 Season

So Big Al took the opportunity on Sunday, April 30th to visit his longtime friend Michelle's wedding. I've known Michelle and her sister Yvonne for the better part of 20+ years, but I've lost touch with them over the last few years since we graduated high school. Michelle was SP-SV c/o of 1996 and Yvonne was SP-SV c/o of 1997 and SCS c/o 1993. I was fortunate to see a lot of my old friends from grade school & high school.

(Marc S., Frances A., Joi S., Big Al, Jenny S. & Crystal J.)

(Big Al & Michelle)

(Big Al & Neil - dude who cut the "SP-SV" into my hair during Homecoming)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006 

Public Notice from Staff

Dear readers of,

It has come to our attention the pop-up ads have created a lot of problems for our loyal fan base. has recently spent many IT resources to remove all popup ads associated with its site. The advertisements were a great source of revenue for BigAlsHouse, but because you guys bitched and complained, we are now poorer than we already are. We thank you for visiting us often and posting your rediculous complaints, but screw all of you for making us broke. Thanks again and we hope you come back soon. Staff

Monday, April 24, 2006 

Big Al at Lester & Trish's Wedding

So one of my closest friends has finally tied the knot. Lester, my friend of 16 years is married to his high school girlfriend Trish. The day started at 4:45am in San Jose, then to Concord for a 6:56am tee time, then the groomsman meeting at 3:00pm at Boundary Oaks Golf Course in Walnut Creek then the ceremony at 6:00pm.

A few highlights of the day:
I was on the watch of the course marshall all day (it didn't help that I drove on the grass)
I cut myself with my razor. The bleeding took 2 hours to stop.
I was able to see so many of my old H.S. friends - Paul, Natalie, Michelle & Marc
The open bar got the best of me, but I didn't throw up.
The hotel room turned into a day care center at the end of the night.

So the first wedding is done. Who will it be in 2007?

BTW: I have the pictures from the rehearsal & wedding day in the Big Al's Photos section.

Friday, April 21, 2006 

Big Al goes to Wedding Rehearsal

First off, I'd like to wish all of my 4:20 friends a belated celebration! Good luck to you.

On April 20, Big Al took part in the traditional pre-wedding festivities: the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. I received my groomsman gift - a pocket watch. Totally cool present. It definitely wasn't something that I would have bought myself. Anyways... here's the evidence:

Tuesday, April 18, 2006 

Big Al goes to Bobblehead Day in Oakland

So went to Huston Street Bobblehead Day in Oakland on 4/16 (Easter Sunday). The turned out to be a good one with really good weather. hosted many of his loyal and new fans - Stefani & Matt of San Jose; Nicole, Syreeta, Greg & Yushin of Sacramento; Joe, Radley, Aldrich, Aldrich's girlfriend and Steve of Vallejo.

It was a fun day at the ballpark for all. We even had a chance to get a plug from Huston Street himself:


Take Big Al To Work Day #1

I've had a lot of request to get Big Al on location. We had a loyal reader - Joe Jeezey for V-Towne write in:

Dear Big Al,
Your website is a hit at my work "2nd Principal Mortgage". I'd like to bring you and your website in to meet your fan base. Much appreciated!

This was an interesting thought, so on Friday, 4/14 was the 1st official Take Big Al

I was able to meet the fans, talk shop and sign some autographs. It was an interesting bunch of people. Some people thought I was a shroom head, others probably thought I worked there. On the most part, it was a successful Take Big Al To Work Day. Thanks to Joe Jeezy for providing lunch and thanks to 2nd Principal Mortgage!

I anticipate more Take Big Al To Work Days. If you and your company would like to sponsor Big Al to visit them at their work, please send an email to us and we'll have our staff contact you.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006 

Big Al's Song of the Day

Rain rain go away
Come again another day
So the San Francisco Giant's can go out and play

-Big Al

Sunday, April 09, 2006 

Don't Ask Eric to Drive the Getaway Car

So Eric managed to score tickets to the Giant's game behind home plate. Thank you Eric! Awesome seats!!!

The game went a little back-and-forth for a little while, but the Giant's ended coming from behind with a Lance Niekro homerun and then a Randy Winn (SCU alum) bloop single game-winning RBI. The Giant's won 5-4 which makes me 2-0 for the year. World Series here we come!!!

Anyways, the best part came after the game, and I think Steve could better explain the situation:

Although we weren't too drunk (at least in my opinion), we had a hard time locating the Batmobile. Keep in mind that everybody but Eric took BART to get to the game. Mr. CPA wrote down parking space "1385" on his hand so he wouldn't forget. The getaway vehicle was parked in "1285". Remind me NOT to pick you as the driver during our next bank heist.

Saturday, April 08, 2006 

I saw the President...

...of Croatia... and not really saw him, but I presumed it was him.

So Thuy and I just finished watching the Giants game and were hanging out in downtown SF near the Metreon. (I just kicked her ass in pool too). We just walked out from the bar and we saw a bunch of cops closing down the streets:

I looked it up afterwards on Google and it turned out that Croatian President Stjepan Mesic was visiting San Francisco. Pretty cool eh?

The Giant's also won 12-6. My first Giant's win of the year. Woohoo!!!

Monday, April 03, 2006 

Big Al's Mailbag: What's the deal?

So I've received lots of fan mail, but I never have the time to read or answer it. I would usually blame the possibility of anthrax in the mail, but it's just pure laziness. Anyways, I'd like to introduce a new segment of my blog - Big Al's Mailbag. Here's a few of my recent submissions:

Dear Big Al,
There's this guy that seems to be all over your website, some people refer to him as "4nyay" or "Frenchie". I see pictures of him in your writings. He's kinda' cute. What's the deal?

- Curious from Castro

Scott, aka Frenchie, aka 4nyay, etc. is the resident blog groupie. There isn't much to say other than he just really wants to be like me. He claims he's a drinker, but I can out do him. Often times you'll see him in the Bay Area just to pick up on my sloppy seconds. He also thinks he African-American. From what I know he's sexual orientation is straight, but from what I've heard he's "try-curious". Give it a shot!

Dear Big Al,
You have some cute friends, family, etc. from all the pictures that I see on your blogs. How can I hook up with them? What's the deal?

-HorneeDood in Sunnyvale

Answer: is not a dating portal. We do not encourage using as a means to solicit any sexual activity of any kind. Go visit for your shitz and gigglez.

Dear Big Al,
You seem very knowledgeable in sports and just general world events. How is that possible? What's the deal?

-ButchChik from Fremont

I believe edumakashun is very important to a person's well-being. With that, I encourage everybody to go to school. Taking that a little further, I think being knowledgeable is important to a person's social skills. It's very important for me to inform everybody at a social setting that the Yankees suck or the A's suck or UCLA sucks, just because it is the truth. However, being a humble being that I am, I try to keep it to myself that the Giant's and the Santa Clara Broncos rock! Good question Butch.

Dear Big Al,
After reading your blog and checking out your pictures, you seem like your such a stud. It's weird, you don't have a girlfriend. Are you gay? What's the deal?

-UB6IB9 in Santa Clara

Big Al is not homosexual. He's an equal opportunity employer of female's of all backgrounds. Big Al and encourage all females to submit applications, resumes, headshots, bottomshots, full frontal nudity shots to the contacts. Thanks!

That's it for this edition of Big Al's Mailbag. Keep it coming!

Sunday, April 02, 2006 

Big Al's Top Ten: Things I Would Like To See Changed in Baseball

As the baseball season begins, I often think of ways to improve America's pastime. I really love the game, but I feel that everything can be improved. Here is my Top 10 Baseball Wishlist:

1. Baseball Cheerleaders
Football & Basketball have them, so why not baseball? Okay, so the Florida Marlins actually have them, but I think the other teams need them.

2. Better Gameday Promotions
So I get a bobblehead and rally towel as long as I'm one of the first 5 billion people into the stadium gate. However, I think we should have better promotions like "Get an At Bat against Roger Clemens Night" or "You get to set off the Fireworks Night". Pretty cool eh? I would be lining up for days for that one and easily spend cash on a ticket.

3. The 7th Inning Streaker
So we all see it on Sportscenter where some fool runs onto the field and makes a fool out of themselves and disrupts the game. I'm cool with this. I think its part of the game, but others do not care for shannanigans. So I propose The 7th Inning Streaker - where anybody that cares to run on the field can do so for 5 mins. The catch - they gotta' be good! I want to see parachutes, wacky costumes, fireworks coming out of their ass, etc. If not, get booted off American Idol style.

4. The 7th Inning Streaker - female edition

Same as a above, but more females (baseball game not necessary).

5. The Steroid League
There's all this talk on Steriods. Like streaking, I'm cool with this. I like seeing people hit 73 homeruns and not just barely over the fence, but 500 feet. I like seeing pitchers throw 105mph and break helmets when it hits the batter in the head. For what I pay for tickets, I think this is the entertainment I'm entitled too. However, there are too many traditionalists who like to smell their own farts. I suggest 3 leagues: The American, The National and The Steriod league. They mostly play intra-league games with the special inter-league primtime events. At the end, have some 3-way playoff and see what happens.

6. Let the batter call his pitch
Remember back in the days when we played kickball in the playground. We used to call for our types of pitches, whether it be fast, or off to the right or "baby-bouncies" at knee high.. remember? Of course you do. Let's have the batters call their own pitch and see if they can knock it out. We'd see basketball type scores. So much offense!

7. Choose Your Own Adventure Game
So each team plays 162 games a year. Those that are fighting for a playoff spot need all 162 games to clinch that spot. However, there a lot of games at the end of year of the bottom dweller that don't need all of those games. I suggest for the games that absolutely mean nothing to be more fan interactive. With the help of the scoreboard and decible meter, fans can choose a pinch hitter, change of pitcher, intentional walk, etc. Makes me feel part of history.

8. Fighting
Make baseball a little more WWF. I want the commish to instigate more fighting. I like Sportscenter leading off its telecast with players in kicking the shit out of each other. And none of this batter vs. pitcher crap either. I want to see some really cool stuff like announcers fighting each other or groundskeepers vs. the security guards or scoreboard operator vs. the churro guy. But I'll take that Don Zimmer vs. Pedro fight any day.

9. Beer Man
Some stadiums have this, but not at the ones I frequent. I think a lot of my above suggestions would be taken care of if we had easier access to beer. Additionally, ownership would have no problem fielding a more contending team if we can easily purchase $8 beers from our seat.

10. On field fan celebration
You see it at college games all the time. The underdog upsets the favorite on the underdog's homefield and... BAM! Thousands of college kids storm the field and tear it apart - including the removal of the goal posts. I think this tradition should be part of baseball. Why let all of those millionaire athletes get to dance around the field and pour champagne on themselves? I think we paid of the game, we should celebrate it by running around the field (female streaking is encouraged) and let us tear down the foul pole.

Honorable Mentions:
Playboy Models as umpires or broadcast announcers
The use of aluminum bats
In-game camera inside of the baseball
Have Puff Daddy Remix Take Me out to the Ballgame
Baseball Player Groupies: The Reality Show - find out really why that player needed to be scratched from the lineup.l

Saturday, April 01, 2006 

Big Al visits The Oakland Arena

On Friday I went to The Oakland Arena to watch the Kings visit the Warriors. I really am not an NBA fan, so this was more of a social event for me and another excuse to drink that the sweet nectar of hops & barley. Went there with Steve-o & Sarah - we were late, but that was ok. We met up with Nic, her sister Kim and a few of their Sacramento friends - most of whom were of the King Faithful. The Warriors lost 96-93. They could have tied up with the last shot, but they suck.

(The Celebrity Game featuring Ice Cube & Malcolm in the Middle)

(Big Al and Nic's sister Kim - she's a little too cool for the camera)