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Sunday, March 05, 2006 

Living out of a suitcase sucks but meeting the future President is cool

I'm out of town this week. Sucks! I would rather be at home sleeping in my own bed, watching my TV and eating out of my fridge.

Just because I'm so into this blog (my new toy), I'm going to update this as much as possible.

Here is the story of my day:
10-12pm: Woke up and went to the gym
12-1:30pm: Ate lunch, finished packing and wrapped up loose ends.
1:30pm: My cab was supposed to pick me up at this time for my 2:30pm flight (yes, I live on the edge). The cab went to the wrong address and picked me up at 1:50pm. The cab driver was so awesome. He must have ran 2 red lights. I got to the American Airlines terminal at 2:00pm. I was able to get to the counter, check in my bag buy a pastrami sandwich and still make it to the gate before the first group boarded. I guess it was my lucky day.
2:30pm: Plane departed for DFW.

Here are some pictures:

Cool sunset somewhere over New Mexico.

Cooler sunset over Western Texas.

BTW: I sat next to this guy from the Atlanta area. He just graduate The United States Military Academy at West Point (big catch ladies). Normally, they would be commissioned as officers after graduation. However, he decided to defer his commission and volunteer for a Catholic education group (Compass) that served Universities around the USA and Mexico. With a degree from West Point, you would think he would serve out his time and become a politician so he can make the big bucks. However, he had his priorities straight right out of college. Which is pretty mature for somebody his age. He knew that he couldn't take the money with him after life, so instead he wants to make a difference while he's here. I could have easily sat next to the future President of The United States.