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Saturday, March 04, 2006 

The Happiest of all hours or... how I drink lots of beer after work

Thank goodness it's Friday. I actually did a lot of work today, so the beer afterwards was worth it. I went to the new sports bar Scores in downtown San Jose with Steve, Alyssa & their friend (sorry dude, I forgot your name). We did the happy hour with the $3 pints. As far as the new sports bar goes, it's not too bad. Cheap, good beer and bartenders with big bobbies (she's in the background) - I'm definitely a repeat customer.

I'm starting to spread the word of my new blog. Steve & Alyssa aren't too impressed with it yet. Hopefully, by including their pictures, they'll appreciate it a little more.

Now that I'm getting into the swing of filling out a blog, I'm starting to get a little dorky by carrying a camera around all the time and having to explain what it's for. Hopefully, it'll become a natural occurrance as more and more people see what I'm doing.

After the happy hour, I went to grab a bite to eat at BJ's Brewery in Cupertino. It's not the best place to eat as far as quality, but it's got a good vibe. I went there with Steve-O, Sarah (with an H) and Toan.