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Saturday, March 04, 2006 

BigAlsHouse.com Polls

Poll #1
Preserving the integrity of blogging
So I want to get some feedback from my select few readers given that my blog is still in its infancy. I want to preserve the integrity of the "tell it as it is" type blogging. However, I understand that this may hurt a few feelings, piss a few people off etc. I don't want to create any unusal tension or controversy, but I also want to express my thoughts and feelings. For example, I get pissed off a certain person, we'll call him "Frenchy". I'd like to tell it how it is from my perspective, but I know I may unintentionally slander "Frenchy". Should I go forward with this approach to blogging, or should I censor this blog and explain how the sky is blue and the grass is green. I'm going to work on getting a cheesy poll up, or you can send me an IM, email or Skype to tell me how you would like it.
Results: Yes - 5; No - 0

Poll #2
Should Big Al go to work on St. Pat's Day?
Pretty self-explanitory. Should I go to work on St. Pat's Day?
Results: Yes - 5; No - 4

Poll #3
How many drinks will Big Al have at Les' wedding?
Lester & Patricia's wedding is on 4/22. I will be taking advantage of the open bar (but in a responsible way). How many drinks will I have throughout the night?
Results: TBA