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Thursday, March 02, 2006 

Big Al's Music

I've been playing the piano since I was 5 years old. I had to let it go during my college years because the piano isn't a very portable instrument. In 2005, I purchased a Yamaha Clavinova 309 PE and I love it. It does everything and more. I can play over 100+ songs (unfortunately not from memory).

I didn't know you were a musician!! I would have never guessed. You don't get down with that hyphy music, you from the Bay Area yeah? I know you know about that hyphy music. Even people down in Sactown know about that. Ha! Well just wanted to say Hi! Do you even know who this is? It's Kim..hA probably the one and only Kim you know. I was lookin at one of Nic's postcards and saw your website and just wanted to say HI!! Ha, take care buddy!! See you soon, and Oh yeah I turned 21! Yeeeaaaahhh!!

Hey Kim!

Hell yeah I'm down with the hyphy movement! I've gone ghostriding in my golf cart. Thanks for visiting!

Yo big al, what up, this is alex and rares from nicaragua. i stole your boardshorts dude, i´m sorry, i was really desperate and short on swimtrunks, hope you forgive me.
hugs and kisses XOXO

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