Friday, March 31, 2006 

Giant's Game A: 0-1 for the season

So the 2006 baseball season didn't exactly take off the way that I wanted to. Steve and I took the Cal Train up to SF. The ticket machine didn't work, so we just jumped on the train. Knowing that I was subject to a fine I told the conductor (I'm a good citizen). He told me to get off the train and buy a ticket at the next station. He also mentioned that it would be a $250 fine if I didn't have a ticket!!! I guess I got lucky there.

Anyways, I got to the game. There were about 5000 people in the house. The game eventually rained out after 5 innings with the Giants down 0-1. No big deal - it was an exhibition. So my 2006 baseball attandance record is 0-1. I'll probably go next Saturday again and meet Randy Winn at the Santa Clara University Alumni gathering.

Pictures to come!

Thursday, March 30, 2006 

An open letter to Gale H. of Vallejo

An open letter to Gale:

Dear Gale,
Thank you for the recent MySpace message you sent to me. It really wasn't a message, but rather photographic evidence that I would rather have forgotten about. Everybody has skeletons in their closet. Thanks so much for brining my skeleton out.

From this day forward, I will make it my lifelong goal to find something that will embarass you.

-Big Al

Photo Information:
Taken June 1993 during Karaoke sesesion around the time of our 8th Grade graduation from St. Catherine's of Siena Elementary School.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006 

I'm still alive

Just want to let you know that I'm still alive. Studying for this Cisco crap sucks. Can somebody explain to me what IS-IS routing is? Anyways, I'll post a bigger and better blog later.

Go UCLA! (yes, I'll win my whole pool if UCLA takes it all). For the first time ever I'm rooting for something from Los Angeles. =(

Thursday, March 16, 2006 

Are you Randy?

I started visiting this site:

It's pretty cool. I highly recommend it while you're wasting your day away at work. Here's a funny clip that should take only a few seconds of your life away:

Go Randy! Have a good weekend! Ciao!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006 

If you don't use the whole seat, why pay for it?

So I was looking over some pictures of my trip to Torino and I recalled that my Olympic friend Rita from Philly metioned that she sat next to a weight-challenged individual at the Lady's Figure Skating Free Skate Finals that used more seat than he was entitled too. We've all had our fat days (I should know), but it kind of sucks to be a victim of that when you travelled thousands of miles and paid 300 Euro for you seat to the biggest show of the Games. I came across this Craigslist "Best of" that would fit Rita's situation perfectly: > rants & raves > dear fat girl on the plane to charlotte: you owe me $35
last modified:Thu Jan 05 19:16:02 2006

email this posting to a friend

dear fat girl on the plane to charlotte: you owe me $35

Reply to:
Date: Thu Jan 05 19:13:11 2006

you were so, so nice. i'm not taking that away from you. you asked me about my book and where i was going, and i replied though i am ashamed to say i could not look you in the eye because i was so CRAZY PISSED.

a typical plane seat in economy class is approximately 17 inches. breaking down my 9.2-hour roundtrip journey, i paid approximately $127 for those 17 inches. by my most modest calculations, you owe me $27.70 for the four inches of comfort and privacy you robbed me of. let's round that figure up to $30 for that spot where your massive thigh was rubbing against me the whole 2.5-hour flight. add another $5 (again modest) for our shared armrest having to be up because you could not fit in the seat when it was down. if i wanted to put my seat back, i had to pretend like it wasn't embarrassing for you (yes, i was concerned about your feelings, too) for me to ask you to lean forward so i could pull out the armrest a little and push in my button. good thing i didn't want to see the in-flight movie.

i by no means hate fat people. i believe in the freedom to do or eat anything you want so long as it does not infringe on my freedom. this is purely a matter of financial injustice.

i'm just saying that if you need two seats, pay for two seats. don't hate on the skinny girl who paid just as much, if not more, for those precious 17 inches of limited plane space.

if you're out there, please mail $34.63 before january 8 or $34.61 after (i'll pay for the stamp--it's only fair).
  • this is in or around new england
  • no -- it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Copyright © 2005 craigslist, inc.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006 Website Rivision History

For the tech geeks. This will be the revision history of all changes to with comments. Quick links will be posted on the right-side frame.

Version 1.00:
General Release of website

Version 2.00:
General Release of new website
Added blogs
Added photos
Added misc. links
General population of the webstie

Version 2.01:
Added webpoll

Version 2.02:
Removed approval of comments. Users can now comment anonymously.
Added link to "Big Al's Revision History" to the right frame.

Version 2.03:
Added "Big Al's Graffiti"

Version 2.04:
Removed "Big Als Graffiti" (This removed all the popup ads)
Removed "Big Als Polls"
Removed Blogspot banner

Version 2.05:
Added Gabbly chat window (This is a popup free chat box)

Version 2.06:
Removed Gabbly chat window

Version 2.07:
Added "Yelp with Big Al"

Version 2.08:
Added "XBOX with Big Al"

Version 2.09:
Updated Homepage Picture to "SP-SV Football Point"
Updated Big Al's Links with 6 links to friend's blogs
Version 2.10:
Added "Big Al's RSS Buttons"

Version 2.11:
Added Meebo under "Connect with Big Al"
Removed AIM link

Monday, March 13, 2006 

The Vegas Aftermath

For obvious reasons, I can't cover the bachelor party with my typical detailed accounts. I live by the "Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas". A great time was had by all especially Lester & his brother, Bubba.

Les - Only about a month away from the big day. I hope you got it all out of your system.

(Eric, VJ & Irman stuck in the headlights)

(Best man Bubba & Les)

(Big Al & Soon-to-be Bride Trish... I think I was happier)

(Lester's college buddy Charlie & Irman)

(Eric & Big Al farting in the elevator)

(Les, Big Al & Eric smoking stogies)


Brazillian Steakhouse #3

Finished up the last of the Brazillian steakhouse - Rafain's. The meats were exactly the same. Service was great. The prices were better than the other two restaurants, and they included dessert. Final verdict: Three-way tie.

(Big Al, Steve-o & Guiseppi)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006 

Allan de Brazil

Steve & I went to Texas de Brazil on our second stop of our Brazillian Steakhouse tour. Same concept, but slightly different than Fogo's. It was a little smaller and their salad bar didn't have as much variety. They did have California Rolls though that were wrapped in hard rice. Yuck!

The meat was good with a special garlic Picanna (top sirloin). Definitely a thumbs up!

So a candidate for my 2006 Halloween costume came up - be a Brazillian Steakhouse Gaucho. I can walk around with the puffy pants and white shirt with a bunch of dog chew toys that look like meat; place them on a stick and a hold fake knife. What do you think?

Monday, March 06, 2006 

Fogo de Allan

Luckily, I have a fairly loose expense account that allows me to eat at fine restaurants. On Monday night, Steve & I chose Fogo de Chao's in Addison, TX.

For those that aren't familiar with Brazillian Churrascaria steakhouses, I feel sorry for you. Imagine a fine restaurant with great food and wine and all-you-can-eat portions. It's the best of both quality & quantity. They have about 14+ meats served to you by gauchos that walk around the restuarant. You indicate that you want more by flipping a card from 'red' to 'green'. When you're full, then you flip it back to 'red'. We have a couple of these restaurants in a smaller scale in San Francisco - Espetus on Market St. being my favorite.

Steve and I had good times while we enjoyed out glutton-fest. I bought new jeans recently and I wore them out to the restaurant. Steve noticed that I didn't remove all the tags from it.
Afterwards we went to Duke's Bar for a few drinks. The trip back was a little humorous as we didn't have enough change for the toll road so we just drove through it. Hopefully Budget Rent-A-Car won't care.

Until next time. Ciao!

Sunday, March 05, 2006 

Living out of a suitcase sucks but meeting the future President is cool

I'm out of town this week. Sucks! I would rather be at home sleeping in my own bed, watching my TV and eating out of my fridge.

Just because I'm so into this blog (my new toy), I'm going to update this as much as possible.

Here is the story of my day:
10-12pm: Woke up and went to the gym
12-1:30pm: Ate lunch, finished packing and wrapped up loose ends.
1:30pm: My cab was supposed to pick me up at this time for my 2:30pm flight (yes, I live on the edge). The cab went to the wrong address and picked me up at 1:50pm. The cab driver was so awesome. He must have ran 2 red lights. I got to the American Airlines terminal at 2:00pm. I was able to get to the counter, check in my bag buy a pastrami sandwich and still make it to the gate before the first group boarded. I guess it was my lucky day.
2:30pm: Plane departed for DFW.

Here are some pictures:

Cool sunset somewhere over New Mexico.

Cooler sunset over Western Texas.

BTW: I sat next to this guy from the Atlanta area. He just graduate The United States Military Academy at West Point (big catch ladies). Normally, they would be commissioned as officers after graduation. However, he decided to defer his commission and volunteer for a Catholic education group (Compass) that served Universities around the USA and Mexico. With a degree from West Point, you would think he would serve out his time and become a politician so he can make the big bucks. However, he had his priorities straight right out of college. Which is pretty mature for somebody his age. He knew that he couldn't take the money with him after life, so instead he wants to make a difference while he's here. I could have easily sat next to the future President of The United States.


High School Stuff

2006 marks our 9th year since our high school graduation from St. Patrick-St. Vincent. I'm fortunate to still be surrounded by a few of my fellow alums. For those that aren't in the area, I'm glad they still keep me in the loop through email. I got one today from Carol. She just won her basketball championship in New Yawk. According to her, she got a 4-foot trophy (see pic to the left). I'm not the one to doubt, b/c she is a practicing lawyer in the Tri-State area, but if it really is a 4-foot trophy that would make Carol about 7-feet tall - a first for a Filipina. Did you use your boyfriend's ruler? Congratulations! Luv ya!

Saturday, March 04, 2006 Polls

Poll #1
Preserving the integrity of blogging
So I want to get some feedback from my select few readers given that my blog is still in its infancy. I want to preserve the integrity of the "tell it as it is" type blogging. However, I understand that this may hurt a few feelings, piss a few people off etc. I don't want to create any unusal tension or controversy, but I also want to express my thoughts and feelings. For example, I get pissed off a certain person, we'll call him "Frenchy". I'd like to tell it how it is from my perspective, but I know I may unintentionally slander "Frenchy". Should I go forward with this approach to blogging, or should I censor this blog and explain how the sky is blue and the grass is green. I'm going to work on getting a cheesy poll up, or you can send me an IM, email or Skype to tell me how you would like it.
Results: Yes - 5; No - 0

Poll #2
Should Big Al go to work on St. Pat's Day?
Pretty self-explanitory. Should I go to work on St. Pat's Day?
Results: Yes - 5; No - 4

Poll #3
How many drinks will Big Al have at Les' wedding?
Lester & Patricia's wedding is on 4/22. I will be taking advantage of the open bar (but in a responsible way). How many drinks will I have throughout the night?
Results: TBA


The Happiest of all hours or... how I drink lots of beer after work

Thank goodness it's Friday. I actually did a lot of work today, so the beer afterwards was worth it. I went to the new sports bar Scores in downtown San Jose with Steve, Alyssa & their friend (sorry dude, I forgot your name). We did the happy hour with the $3 pints. As far as the new sports bar goes, it's not too bad. Cheap, good beer and bartenders with big bobbies (she's in the background) - I'm definitely a repeat customer.

I'm starting to spread the word of my new blog. Steve & Alyssa aren't too impressed with it yet. Hopefully, by including their pictures, they'll appreciate it a little more.

Now that I'm getting into the swing of filling out a blog, I'm starting to get a little dorky by carrying a camera around all the time and having to explain what it's for. Hopefully, it'll become a natural occurrance as more and more people see what I'm doing.

After the happy hour, I went to grab a bite to eat at BJ's Brewery in Cupertino. It's not the best place to eat as far as quality, but it's got a good vibe. I went there with Steve-O, Sarah (with an H) and Toan.

Friday, March 03, 2006 

Welcome to Version 2.0


If you're reading this message on Friday, March 3 then you have either wandered your way onto this page by coincidence or I have selectively invited you to join my blog community. Thank you for taking your time to visit.

As my previous blog has stated, my mission statement is simple:
To provide a gateway to Big Al's life through web logs, pictures and links on the Internet to my friends - one of my most important assets.

As we get older and busier with other priorities, we do not get to see each other as much as we used to. However, technology has allowed us to still keep in contact. I'm hoping that my web blog will provide you a gateway into my life and hopefully persuade you to web blog your life so that I may keep up with what humors you in everyday things.

-Big Al


Mission Statement:

Mission Statement
To provide a gateway to Big Al's life through web logs, pictures and links on the Internet to my friends - one of my most important assets.

Thursday, March 02, 2006 

Go to a Giant's Game with Big Al

I own 2 Season Ticket seats to AT&T Park (formerly PacBell & SBC Park) - home of the San Francisco Giants. They are located in the centerfield bleachers in Section 144, Row 6, Seats 18 & 19. Because they are my seats, I can do whatever I want with them. So here is your chance to go to Giant's games in the most beautiful park, in the most beautiful city in the world... with me. I'll keep an updated list of games here and if they are taken or not. If I like you, then I'll take you to the game. Just kidding. Ask me, and we'll go to the game.

April 25th Giants vs Mets

April 26th Giants vs Mets

April 28th Giants vs Diamondbacks

April 29th Giants vs Diamondbacks

April 30th Giants vs Diamondbacks

May 1st Giants vs Padres

May 2nd Giants vs Padres

May 8th Giants vs Astros

May 9th Giants vs Cubs

May 10th Giants vs Cubs

May 11th Giants vs Cubs

May 12th Giants vs Dodgers

May 13th Giants vs Dodgers

May 14th Giants vs Dodgers

May 22nd Giants vs Cardinals

May 23rd Giants vs Cardinals

May 24th Giants vs Cardinals

May 26th Giants vs Rockies

May 27th Giants vs Rockies

May 28th Giants vs Rockies

June 5th Giants vs Marlins

June 6th Giants vs Marlins

June 7th Giants vs Marlins

June 8th Giants vs Pirates

June 9th Giants vs Pirates

June 10th Giants vs Pirates

June 11th Giants vs Pirates

June 19th Giants vs Angels

June 20th Giants vs Angels

June 21st Giants vs Angels

June 23st Giants vs A's

June 24st Giants vs A's

June 25st Giants vs A's

June 27th Giants vs Rangers

June 28th Giants vs Rangers

June 29th Giants vs Rangers

July 14th Giants vs Phillies

July 15th Giants vs Phillies

July 16th Giants vs Phillies

July 17th Giants vs Brewers

July 18th Giants vs Brewers

July 19th Giants vs Brewers

July 20th Giants vs Padres

July 21st Giants vs Padres

July 22nd Giants vs Padres

July 23rd Giants vs Padres

July 31st Giants vs Nationals

August 1st Giants vs Nationals

August 2nd Giants vs Nationals

August 4th Giants vs Rockies

August 5th Giants vs Rockies

August 6th Giants vs Rockies

August 18th Giants vs Dodgers

August 19th Giants vs Dodgers

August 20th Giants vs Dodgers

August 21st Giants vs Diamondbacks

August 22nd Giants vs Diamondbacks

August 23rd Giants vs Diamondbacks

August 24th Giants vs Reds

August 25th Giants vs Reds

August 26th Giants vs Reds

August 27th Giants vs Reds

September 8th Giants vs Padres

September 9th Giants vs Padres

September 10th Giants vs Padres

September 12th Giants vs Rockies

September 13th Giants vs Rockies

September 14th Giants vs Rockies

September 25th Giants vs Diamondbacks

September 26th Giants vs Diamondbacks

September 27th Giants vs Diamondbacks

September 29th Giants vs Dodgers

September 30th Giants vs Dodgers

October 1st Giants vs Dodgers


What's Big Al Reading

This is a placeholder for what Big Al is reading.


Big Al's Softball

3/14 vs. Red Leafs
3/14 @ Red Leafs
End of Regular Season

Current Statistics:
Position: 1B/2B
Additional statistics are being added.

The Shatters (2002-2004) Best Finish: Summer Novice League Champions
The Spoilers (2005) Best Finish: 8th Seed in National playoffs
The Launchers (2005-current) Best Finish: Summer Novice League Champions

(The Launchers - 2005 Summer Novice League Champions)

2006 Easton Synergy Extended 34/27 Bat
2006 Easton Synergy Backpack
Rawlings 12.5 infielders glove
Wilson 12.75 1st Baseman's glove


Big Al's Music

I've been playing the piano since I was 5 years old. I had to let it go during my college years because the piano isn't a very portable instrument. In 2005, I purchased a Yamaha Clavinova 309 PE and I love it. It does everything and more. I can play over 100+ songs (unfortunately not from memory).


Big Al's DVDs

I'm an avid collector of DVDs and just cinema in general. I avoid the video store & Netflix just because I enjoy watching the DVD at my leisure plus I believe a DVD (& CD) collection defines who a person really is. Here are some pictures of my collection of 200+ DVDs. I plan on listing them all down at some point.


Travel With Big Al

Travel Information
I believe travel is a vital aspect in improving one's self. It's easy to read and look at pictures of places around this world, but it's something different to actually experience it. I've been fortunate enough to travel all over the world and I would like you to join in on the fun. This page will change frequently as my travel information will change at a moment's notice so check back often. For those that have the flexibility, please join me.

2007 Tour Dates
Southeast Asia with a definite stop in Singapore (May 20-June 3)
- "Work"

Spain (July 1-8)
- Running with the Bulls!

2006 Tour Dates
Las Vegas, NV (Jan 6-8)
- AVN awards with Frenchy, Hiram & VJ

Paris, Torino & Chicago (Feb 14-26)
- McAfee work in Paris, Olympics in Torino & hang out with VJ in Chicago

Dallas, TX (March 5-10)
- McAfee work training in Plano, TX

Las Vegas, NV (March 10-12)
- Lester's Bachelor Party

Rome, Italy (April 1-7)
- McAfee Customer Visit

Seoul, South Korea (April 2006 - tentative)
- McAfee Training

Hong Kong, Thailand & Cambodia (May 2006)
- Vacation

Hartford, CT (June 2006)
- Meeting with The Hartford

Honolulu, HI (July 2006)
- Hiram's Wedding

Chicago, IL (September 2006)
- SF Giant's @ Chicago Cubs baseball game
- CANCELLED due to new events

Houston, TX (September 2006)
- For "work"
- Stl Cardinals @ Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park
- Fogo de Chao Nationwide Tour (#4 of 7)

Philippines, Malaysia & Indonesia (October 2006)
- To see The Family for the first time ever!
- Vacation
- For "work" Version 2.0 is getting underway

So most of the work for Version 2.0 is done. I'll hack around with it for another day before I send it out to a small group of friends for feedback. I'm pretty impressed with what I've accomplished so far. I think I plan on making my life a little more interactive with feedback from my blog. We'll see.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006 

Some pictures and randomness

So I'm still jet lagged. I woke up about 3:30am this morning. Sucks eh? Anyways, here are some pictures from my adventure:

(Big Al at El Tour Effel)

(Big Al & Rita after the Women's Free Skate - check out our pose!)

(Big Al with John Koncak of the 1984 US Men's Gold Medal Basketball Team & his son & his medal. This was outside of the Today show set with Matt & Katie)

(I believe these are Arikawa's parents, but I'm not sure)