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Thursday, February 23, 2006 

Winter Olympics - Who will you remember?

So I look back at all the Winter Olympics in years past and you can remember a few names - Jansen, Blair, Picabo & Mosley. These names are remembered now, but will they be remembered in 20 years? Will they be remembered by non-Americans? Probably not. However, there are names that are ingrained not only into American culture, but the World culture - Hamill, Yamaguchi, Lapinski & Hughes. These are the American Figure Skating Olympic gold medalists. These ladies are the face of the Winter Olympics and if they can pull out the gold then they will be remembered forever. Hopefully, there will be some memorable event tonight because I WILL BE THERE!!! As gay as it may sound, I live for these Super Bowl-like moments. In my life, I plan to go to at least one major event for each sport and I'm glad that I can cross off not only going to the Winter Olympics off my list, but also go to the premiere event of these games. If an American wins gold, watch me on the NBC Today show on Friday in the background celebrating with them (I'm sure they'll be there). Ciao!