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Wednesday, February 22, 2006 

Torino Update

Just a quick blog from Torino. It's been really fun here. I've met some great people. The comraderie among Americans and the world is unreal. The Olympic Games are something that everybody needs to experience at least once in their life. A few things that I want to note:
1. The transportation sucks here. Taking the bus is like a guessing game here. It doesn't help that people don't speak English here.
2. The ticketing is not that bad. I've run in to a few people that have sold me great tickets at face value. However, I do think these Games could do away with the scalpers. They are greedy and mean and in no way do they share the meaning of the Olympics.
3. The weather is extremely cold - in California standards.

So far I've been 2 events - USA vs. Russia in Hockey and Men's & Women's Short Track Speed Skating. I saw Apollo Anton Ohno. It's so cool. I'll write up more later. Ciao!