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Sunday, February 19, 2006 

Randomness s'il vous plait

So I've been in Paris for the last 4 days. It didn't dawn on me until today that I'm pretty fortunate to have this opportunity. Not only this specific opportunity, but to be going all over the world on a regular basis and get paid. I often looked past the positives and focus in on the negatives of my occupation which makes me grumpy. Anyways, 'nuff said about that.

On Friday, I didn't have much work to do. I waited for my team back in Santa Clara to finish up the software that I needed. It was available late Friday Paris time, so it won't be delivered to the customer until sometime Monday morning. I don't expect too much work to do other than get the software loaded, test it out and have a celebratory lunch with the customer and my French colleagues (knock on wood). Anyways, on Friday, I went to the Musee d'Orsay, walked along La Seine River and toured the Pantheon (this place is a giant crypt of famous French people).

On Saturday, I went to the town of Versailles and toured the chateau of Louis XIV. This place is huge. My expectations were blown away in regards to the size of this dude's crib and backyard. I then went back to Paris and walked along La Seine River and saw the Eiffle Tower. I didn't go to the top this time around because I did that in 2003, but it was pretty cool to walk around it again. I then went to the Liberty Flame which coincidentally is in the same location of the place where Princess Diana died in 1997. There isn't an actual memorial for her, but you can see notes that people left in her memory. I then walked over to Avenue Des Champs Elysees and did some window shopping. I tried to look for a bike and yellow jersey, but I couldn't find any. My night ended with going out with a couple of my French co-workers. We went out to grab a bite for dinner and hang out in the clubs. I really like the European clubs - it may be that I just get more attention because of my American accent. We ended the night about 5am.

On Sunday, I went to Sainte-Chapelle. No, not Dave's crib (j/k). This place is another chucrch, but it has 15 stained glass windows that are 50 feet high. I then went for another walk through the Jardin des Tuileries and then finished off the night with mass at Notre Dame.

I also booked my room and flight to Torino for Tuesday-Saturday. It looks like I'll be crossing my Olympic visit off of my life's todo list.

Much love to Gale for providing me picture and blog comments. I'm glad I actually have people reading my stuff.