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Saturday, February 11, 2006 

Life's Checklist

I don't think I have a checklist of "Thing's To Do Before I Die" (at least not one that I've written down). The following are things that I've done that I believe would have been on the list had I actually taken the time to write it down:
Bungee Jumping
Taking a spontaneous trip to New Zealand with little preparation
Visit Europe
Buy season tickets to the Giants
Visit the Heineken Factory
Visit the Guiness Factory
Visit the Coke Factory
Ride in a helicopter
Snowboard on a continent other than North America
Become a Big Brother
Ride a raft on a Class 5 rapid
Drive cross-country
Go on vacation with the central focus around baseball
Visit Pompeii (because I did a 4th grade report on this)
Go to the World Series

Things that I would like to do (the unofficial list):
Go to the Super Bowl
Go to the Olympics
Meet the President
Start a business
Beat Super Mario Bros.
Visit my family in the Philippines
Set foot on all the continents (Africa & technically South America & technicall Australia are left)
Go to the NBA Championships
Play golf at Augusta
Visit all 50 states
Watch the Space Shuttle live
Own a Lamborghini Countach (real one)
Perform the Piano live on stage in front of complete strangers one last time

This by no means in a finalized list. It's just a work in progress. Hopefully I'll cross off one of those things to do next week. Happy weekend!