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Monday, February 27, 2006 

Danger at 35000 Feet

So I finally was on my way home on Saturday. My itinerary was to go from CDG in Paris to ORD in Chicago. After 1 hour in the air, the pilot came on the PA system and said we have a "valve" problem so we needed to make an emergency landing in Heathrow (London) to get it fixed. However, because of the large amounts of fuel we needed to dump some of it and circle around to get to a safe landing weight. After 2+ hours of circling around, applying the brakes & hearing weird noises from the plane we finally landed to a sea of fire trucks around Heathrow. We were grounded for a few more hours while the plane was being repaired. The problem was upgraded to a "leaky engine". The flight attendants on board have never experienced this problem, so it was a first for many. Luckily we got back into the air and arrived safely in Chicago about 5 hours late. It was pretty scary, but we're alive. I question how bad that "valve" was and how close to death we were.