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Tuesday, January 03, 2006 

Returning Stuff

So I'm returning a few things after the post-Christmas shopping:
1. Spark plug cables - b/c my car's problem ended up being a bigger issue
2. Toys R Us Gift Card - b/c it was an extra gift just in case
3. DVD - b/c it was a gift and I already have it

This blog is not a gripe over the unfairness of return practies. These are all legitimate returns. I did not use the stuff. I did not break it and pass it off and a defect. I had the receipt and I returned them within the return period. I just simply did not need this stuff. This blog is to describe the feeling you get from returning the items. I feel like such a criminal. Even though the employees have no emotional attachment to the items or the business, they make you feel like it's a sin. "Why are you returning the item?" "Don't you want it?" "Why did you buy it in the first place?" "The food on my family's plate is at stake if you return this!" Okay, so these really aren't things people say, but you get the idea. Companies need to have a more liberal return policy like Costco or Nordstroms - no questions asked. If you look it up, you can actually find an urban legend of a man returning car tires to Nordstroms.