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Monday, January 23, 2006 

Recapping the weekend

Recapping the weekend

Went to happy hour and had a few beers.
Went to the gym to do some free weights (I've been so focused in on kickboxing that I havne't done free weights in a while)
Watach Finding Neverland with Stef, but I fell asleep
Played XBox online with Hiram.

Played flag football
Cleaned up my house
Hosted a bunch of people at my house for the Manny Pacquiao fight.
- This was an interesting twist to my weekend. I was thinking there were going to be 4-5 people at my place. There ended up being 10, a few of whom I didn't even know. I guess that's what happens when you get PPV. It was unexpected, but expected.
Played XBox until 3:00am with Hiram.

Softball practice
Watched 2 football games with Tam & Judd
Worked out again doing free weights (whoa - I may ditch kickboxing now)
Went to church
Played XBox again

Looking Forward
I need to do some essentials in the next few days such as grocery shopping, household shopping, taxes and studying for my CCNP BSCI test. Studying for Cisco tests sucks. They are really hard, but at least my brain is rotten at a slower rate.
The weekdays will be filled with the obvious studying, starting softball (up to 4 games in 2 days) again and then kickboxing.
It looks like next weekend is starting to take shape now. Hang out with the young'ins on Friday night at Santana Row, watch USF at SCU on Saturday night, go to Vallejo on Sunday, and watch SMC at SCU on Monday night.