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Friday, January 13, 2006 

I'm sick, but I have to party this weekend

So I have a cough, chest congestion, my nose is stuffy and my ears have this tickling sensation whenever I try to swallow. I'm obviously sick. I blame fucking Frenchy for getting me sick in Vegas last weekend. Usually it's not a problem, but this Saturday is going to be pretty busy for me. Other than the usual game of football with the guys, I have to watch 2 NFL football games (these will have to be Tivo'd), buy a few birthday presents, go to my Uncle's birthday party, Stef's birthday party and Joe's birthday party. Luckily they're all in the San Francisco vacinity, so I can make all 3 parties. I'm staying in an SF hotel on Saturday night just so I can drink a little more without worrying about getting home. Anyways, if anybody has a cure for whatever sickness I have then please pass it on.