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Sunday, September 11, 2005 

Catching up with me aka Summer is Done

So it's been awhile since I made a post. Sorry to all of my fans.

First & foremost my heart & prayers are with those affected by Hurricane Katrina. I can't imagine what you've been through. May God watch & keep you.

So to sum up 3 weeks of my life I've done the following:
Salsa Dancing
I went Salsa dancing. Can you believe it? I took lessons a couple of years ago, but I didn't actually use it until now. I went out with Mikie. We had dinner, then she kicked my at pool and then we went dancing at Jillian's. I think we kicked ass!

Brandon's Wedding
This was fun. It was great to see some old friends. It was a short wedding and I should have stopped drinking a few hours than I actually did. Good luck to Brandon & Stephanie on their new life together.

Labor Day Weekend
Not much done here. I sat around a lot. I watched a lot of Smallville. Watched some college football & pigged out. Spam Musubi & macaroni salad are Kryptonite.

A's Games (Labor Day Weekend continued)
I also went to 2 Oakland A's games. First I went with Eric vs. the Yanks. The A's lost and Zito got rocked on national TV against the Evil Empire. Second game was vs. the Mariners & their 19.y.o rookie phenom - Felix Hernandez. He almost pitched a complete game. This kid was hitting 97mph in the late innings. The A's lost again on National TV. Anyways, I went ot this game with Nicole & her kid sister Kim. This is the second time I met her (last time was at a BBBS event). She was a little more talkative this time.

This weekend.
Went to a Giant's game (yes, I go to a lot of baseball games) vs. the Cubbies. This had to have been the best crowd all year. Smart Cub's fans were there & smart Giant's fans - none of that Wine & Cheese crowd (at least in the bleachers). I saw Matt Cain pitch a 2 hitter complete game in a little over 2 hours - this is the way baseball needs to be played. Saturday was a bust - lots of chore work & the bar outing in SF fell through. Sunday is football day. NFL Week 1 continues!!!