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Monday, August 01, 2005 

Last Weekend

I think I'm going out way too much. This is what I did:
Thursday (once again the unofficial start to the weekend):
Went drinking in Sunnyvale & Palo Alto with Wilson.

Played a friendly game of poker. Finished 4th.

Went to the inaugural SJ Grand Prix. It was an interesting event. It was kind of a like an import show (circa high school). Everybody seemed to be a drunk guy who oogled over the scantily dressed women. Yes, I'm guilty.

Went to the A's game to get the Bobblehead. The A's are now on a roll. It was pretty nice that the game was only a little more than 2 hours long. I saw Nicole for the first time since Christmas.
Played golf. Shot a 50 on the back 9. I was giving up early, but I pulled it together in the end. I need to drink less at the game.