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Friday, August 12, 2005 

Everybody's been hurt, but God why me?

If you thought this was going to be some tear jerking, emotional loss due to relationship, just skip this blog. I'm writing this because I'm hurt physically. When I used to sit on my butt I never got any bumps or bruises. Now that I'm fairly active I get injured quite often. Maybe I'm just overly sensitive, or maybe God is telling me to just watch more DVDs. Here are the list of 2005 injuries:
Knees - these hurt when it gets cold maybe b/c of the many years of playing a baseball catcher or football lineman. It also hurts that I had cartilage and bone spur removed in 1991. (This will never heal)
Lower Back - strained it doing the dead lift in the gym in 2003. (This will never heal).
Feet - These hurt from my general running. (This will never heal unless I do strictly swimming for exercise).
Finger - I think think I hurt this in softball in June. It may be broken. It probably starts to heal until I shake somebody's hand. (Hopefully heal by 9/05)
Groin - pulled it running in softball in July. (Completely healed)
Knee & Ankle - twisted it running it out in softball in August. (Hopefully heal by 9/05)
Wrist - I know what you're thinking, but I think I hurt this in weightlifting. Really! (Hopefully heal by 9/05).
Eyes - I have this surgery thing coming up. (Heal by Saturday)

There was a time when I would get hurt and mother nature would run it's healing course almost immediatly. Now, I get a hang nail and I'm screaming in pain. It's usually not a big problem, however when events come up like hiking or a BBQ then it really sucks to walk around with a limp. Anyways, I'm showing my signs of getting just a little older. Thanks for letting me vent!