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Sunday, July 10, 2005 

What if you were stuck on a deserted island?

So I watched Cast Away last night (the one with Tom Hanks). I haven't watched it since it came out. I wonder if there are some people out there that may have been lost at sea (whether by crashed airplane, sunken boat, lost at sea, etc.).

It makes you think what you would do in this type of situation. Would you try to live it out with the hope that you can escape or get rescued? Would you commit suicide and end it all? It's a pretty tough choice. Hank's character decided that it was best to tough it out (in doing so he had to perform dental surgery, learn to fish, etc.). However, when he returned back home he had to go through the reality of knowing his love of his life has married and all of his friends are different people. What would you do?

This movie also makes you think - What was in that FedEx box? The director, Zemeckis, kidded on the DVD that it was a solar powered satellite cell phone. I really have no clue, but given the fact that is was from a person that works with angels, it probably was an angel figurine - a symbol of hope. But then again, Wilson was a symbol of hope too.

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