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Sunday, July 17, 2005 

This Weekend

Lot of fun things this weekend.
Thursday (the unofficial start of the weekend)
- I went to music in the park with Stef.

- Woke up at 2am to help a company in Spain troubleshoot a network issue.
- Went to the gym.
- In the evening, I played a couple of hours of poker with my old neighbors.
- Hung out Steve-o & Jas in Santana Row.
- Watch Rush Hour 2 DVD.

- I sat in the McAfee Suite to watch the A's vs. Rangers game in Oakland.
- Went to Janna's going away party in SF.
- Bought my copy of Harry Potter 6.
- Went to Velvet Lounge and crashed out at Joe's place in SF.

- Went back home to SJ
- Went to the gym
- Went to Alameda to play 18 holes of golf with Joe, Eric & Steve.

I still managed to do some chores too. I need some time to recover now.