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Tuesday, July 12, 2005 

The Baseball Stadium Vacation is over

So I'm finally back from vacation. This year's theme - baseball stadiium tour. I was scheduled to go to 5 stadiums, but I only went to 4 b/c I needed to see some people in NYC and I've already gone to Shea in 2004. So here are my "career" visited stadiums (year 1st visited):
Candlestick Park (1987)
McAfee Coliseum (1988?)
U.S. Celluar Field/Comisky (1999)
SBC Park (2000)
Angels Stadium (2002) - World Series Baby!!!
Yankee Stadium (2004)
Shea Stadium (2004)
Wrigley Field (2005)
Fenway Park (2005)
RFK Stadium (2005)
Camden Yards (2005)

Each stadium is unique and it deservedly is a Major League ballpark. SBC Park rocks! Bit there's nostolgia when you go into Wrigley or Fenway or Yankee Stadium - you just just become a part of baseball. Even though I'm biased towards SBC, Camden may be the best park out there. It's just a beautiful park. Worst stadiums - tie between McAfee & Shea. They're both toilet bowls. Anyways, I'm trying to get to Dodger Stadium & Petco Park by the end of 2005. Roadtrip anyone?