Tuesday, May 24, 2005 

Addicted to Giant's games

So I'm addicted to Giant's baseball. Not because of the team (they suck right now), but because of the experience. It's great going to these games b/c you meet the coolest people. Last Friday I sat next to a bunch of people from the UK and we discussed the FA Cup - I bet you they were amazed that a Yank knew a lot about futbol. I also met an older couple from Conneticut. We discussed New England sports - Pat's Super Bowl, Sox World Series and UCONN's men and women's NCAA basketball championships. I also met a couple of girls on the MUNI train going to SBC. They were discussing a recent concert in San Francisco. So far I've been to 6 games: vs. Colorado, San Diego, Washington, Pittsburgh, Oakland and Oakland. I'm 3-3 when I'm there. I'm going again on Wednesday vs. the Dodgers and maybe on Friday vs. the Padres. This is great! I love this game! Go Giants!

Monday, May 23, 2005 

MySpace's mail sucks

So I get a message notification from MySpace about a pending message in my Inbox. When I go to the Inbox, I don't have any messages. This thing sucks. Oh well. If you mailed me, just AIM me at "spamcan1978" or email me at "allanscu@yahoo.com"