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Sunday, September 12, 2004 

Back to reality

So I flew in from Auckland on Saturday, 9/11. Yes, it was 9/11 (kinda' scary, but that's a different subject all together). Anyways, I didn't sleep on the flight back just b/c the time of the flight was aligned with Auckland time. I got back and did my normal weekend routine of errands, cooking, calling Mom & Dad and catching up with a friend or two.

So just before I got back, I went skydiving. Going up in single-engine Cessna was a little scary. I jumped about 10500 feet (it was supposed to be 12000, but I didn't complain). I was getting nauscious on the way up. After I jumped I thought I could hold my stomach until I landed, but it I didn't. I threw up twice (the first one was all over my jump suit). However, it was fun and it was something that I needed to cross off my list. I think the bungey jump was a little scarier, but the skydive was definitely fun too. The 20 sec freefall was crazy. I was in total shock at the beginning, but once I realized what was going on I really enjoyed it.

Now I'm back to reality. I see the next few weeks to be really busy. Hopefully I won't have to travel. As exciting as it may be to go to Italy or some other foreign land, I do enjoy sitting back at home.

P.S. The famous actress that I saw at the Chocolate Fish in Wellington, NZ was Naomi Watts - future actress of King Kong (Christmas 2005). She's the blonde girl in the stripped shirt on the left-hand side of the picture (yeah, I know it could be anybody, but trust me):