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Wednesday, June 16, 2004 

A New Chapter.. and a visit to Borders

So escrow closed today. I'm technically a homeowner. The house isn't quite finished yet. I asked them to make special accomodations for me so that I can get the loan in before the lock expired (and saving a few a dollars). I have a walkthrough next week and then I start moving in on 6/26/04. I'm trying to gather the moving troops. So far I have 2 confirmed and at least 2-4 others on stand by. I really just need their help with the TV and the aquarium base. Everything should be okay. Here's are couple of pictures of the exterior of the complex. I don't really have a good picture of my specific house.

I also visited Borders today. I was mostly looking to see if I can get somebody to offer a pyramid scheme to me like Quickstar. I'm really good at catching it now, and I was planning on trying my new anti-pyramid material. I didn't buy anything, but that's fine because I'm reading The Rule of Four right now.