Tuesday, June 22, 2004 

The everlasting quarter life crisis & a 25th bday

As more and more people join the quarter century club, my quarter life crisis disease is not getting any easier. I'm seeing more and more people going forward with their lives - moving up in their career, buying a house, getting married and having children. It's great to see, but often times I wonder where my life is going. Some days I'm happy with what I've accomplished, other times I'm a little confused as to why others have accomplished more. I guess this is all apart of God's plan and as long as I give it my best, I can't have any regrets (I'm starting to sound like William Hung).

Back to the quarter century club, here's a few pics of our celebration of Ito's 25th. It was sort of a surprise at Dave & Busters. He called me up to tell me to hang out that night, and I told him that I was in LA for work. He really believed me, and he was surprised that I showed up. Anyways, here's the evidence:

Step 1 - Bring friends (Ito, Annora, Allan, Ben)

Step 2 - Find a hot chick (Marta, Ito)

Step 3 - Let it all hang out (Gel, Ito)

Step 4 - Call it a night (Ito)

Sunday, June 20, 2004 

Busy Weekend & Sushi

I had a pretty busy weekend. On Saturday I played a few basketball games at Cisco with the SCU folks. After that, I ran some errands and then went to Quincy's place in Fremont for his birthday BBQ and to see the Ferrari. After that I went to my godson Derrick's 7th birthday. I caught the end of the party, but I was able to see a lot of people: Julia, Courtney, James, Mike (96), Albert (96), Joe Gerbacio, Paolo, Jackie, Troy, Troy's girlfriend. It was great to know that Troy is expecting a boy in September. I went home to Vallejo after that and fell asleep. On Sunday, I just relaxed, watched the US Open and took a nap. I also went to Home Depot to buy a gift certificate for Dad and then we went to Todai for Sushi and dinner.

Friday, June 18, 2004 

Straight Talk @ Work

Today we had a "Straight Talk" meeting at work where the VP of Support sat down with my team and discussed the future of our department. They didn't outright say it, but it looks like our team will find its way to one of 4 places: Plano, TX; Aylesbury, UK; Bangalore, India; or Tokyo, Japan. The most likely of all places is Plano, TX. It isn't exactly the ideal place for me to live at, but if I'm given the opportunity to move there then I would seriously consider it. Of all of those places, I would like to move to Tokyo.

That scenario wasn't given to me today, but it was proposed to 2 members of our team. One of them is considering it, the other is definitely going to decline.

The target date of completion of the reorganization is January 2005. I figure, I'll be given an offer to move in November. We'll see what happens then. It may be a good time to start looking for new employment after the summer. In the meantime, I'm going to have to up my savings just in case.

In other news, I played 18 holes of golf. I shot a 114. ARGH!!! It'll get better. =)

Thursday, June 17, 2004 

One small step for man, one giant leap for Allan!

I went to Karaoke today. It was cool, but it wasn't what I expected. Most people were pretty trashed by the time I showed up. I sang two songs - Y.M.C.A. & Paradise City. I mostly yelled into the mic. I am a little weary about the McAfee folks. They're a little older than me, so I may not be as mature as them. They do seem like a bunch of fun people, and as I get to know them I hopefully will fit in. It's just a little tough being an outsider and finally hanging out with the work crowd. I guess it was eventually going to happen. One small step at a time.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004 

A New Chapter.. and a visit to Borders

So escrow closed today. I'm technically a homeowner. The house isn't quite finished yet. I asked them to make special accomodations for me so that I can get the loan in before the lock expired (and saving a few a dollars). I have a walkthrough next week and then I start moving in on 6/26/04. I'm trying to gather the moving troops. So far I have 2 confirmed and at least 2-4 others on stand by. I really just need their help with the TV and the aquarium base. Everything should be okay. Here's are couple of pictures of the exterior of the complex. I don't really have a good picture of my specific house.

I also visited Borders today. I was mostly looking to see if I can get somebody to offer a pyramid scheme to me like Quickstar. I'm really good at catching it now, and I was planning on trying my new anti-pyramid material. I didn't buy anything, but that's fine because I'm reading The Rule of Four right now.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004 


Today was a little frustrating. I showed up to work about 8:30am and I stayed until 5:30pm. I don't think I really did any work. I'm still recovering from my 2 weeks in LA for work. I spent most of the doing house scheduling. I'm supposed to move into my new house on Friday, 6/25, so I had to schedule the following: cable modem guy, satellite guy, home security alarm guy, air conditioning guy, refridgerator guy and washer/dryer guy. I also had to make sure the funds from my loan transferred correctly. There's also a bunch of other things that I need to do: change of mail address, newspaper transfer, cancellation of my DSL, cancellation of my cable, cancellation of my phone line, moving water service, moving electric service and starting up gas service. There's also the minor issue of MOVING!!! Argh!!! Anyways, I hope everything goes well. I'm a little stressed and frustrated.

This is a picture of my unfinished kitchen from 4/24/04.