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Thursday, June 20, 2013 

Big Al gets rid of 55 inches of goodness

Episode LXIX: TV's End from Allan on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012 

Big Al crunches birthday numbers

(Facebook stats)

First FB birthday wish

  • Jennifer Z. (b/c she’s in Guam’s timezone)

Latest FB birthday wish

  • Michelle T.

Furthest FB birthday wish

  • Lilach N (Israel - 7425 miles)

Number of FB birthday wishes

  • 90

% of FB birthday wishes

  • 18% (90 of 498 friends)

Forcasted FB birthday wish goal

  • 15%

Breakdown of FB birthday wishes
  • 83 timeline posts

Most common word(s) used
  • “Happy Birthday” (or some spelling of)

Other notable word

  • “value”

Most common name
  • “Allan”

2nd most common name
  • “Big Al”

3rd most common name
  • “Dude”

Average number of exclamation points
  • 1.4 per timeline post or comment

(Text messaging)

Number of text birthday wishes
  • 6

Forecasted text birthday wishes
  • 4

First text birthday wish
  • Carol at 06:34 PT

Latest text birthday wish
  • Kenny G at 20:36 PT

(“I just called to say...” -Nicole Ritchie’s dad)

Number of phone calls
  • 2 (sad huh?)

Forecasted phone calls
  • 3

First phone call
  • Dad at 09:53

Latest phone call
  • Mom at 19:26

(Breaking it down)

Breakdown of the origin of 98 birthday wishes (90 Facebook + 6 texts + 2 calls):
  • Bay Area Misc (friends of friends, SO's, broad category): 26
  • Santa Clara University: 23
  • SP-SV High School: 14
  • Work: 10
  • Family: 8
  • St. Catherine's Grade School: 7
  • V-towne Misc: 3
  • Peeps I met at hostels: 3
  • Craigslist, Friendster, AOL, To Catch a Predator, etc.: 2
  • Dog: 1
  • Preschool: 1
  • Total: 98

(“Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake “ -Rihanna)

Number of cakes
  • 1

Number of layers
  • 3

Ice cream flavor
  • vanilla

  • “Happy Gangnam Style Birthday Allan!”

Place of purchase
  • Safeway

  • All statistics are from 00:00 PT to 23:59 PT on October 2, 2012 and two FB messages that occurred a few hours prior from the Guam time zone.

  • A person is counted based on their first attempt to wish me a birthday.  If you texted me and then FB’d me, then I count you as a text.

  • A person’s origin in the breakdown is based on our first meeting.  If you went to grade school with me and then we met up via Craigslist, then as much as I would like to count you on Craigslist, I put you in the St. Catherine’s Grade School.

Thursday, August 30, 2012 

Big Al is back

Lots of stuff to catch you up on, but I'm back.

Friday, June 26, 2009 

Big Al's Childhood Hero Passes

This blog entry is dedicated to Michael Jackson - The King of Pop. It was so sad to find out that you have left our world. Despite many weird things you did, I was always a fan. Captain EO will always be my favorite 3D movie. The Wiz will always be my favorite version of Wizard of Oz (you rocked as the Scarecrow). Moonwalker will always be my favorite Sega Genesis game. Beat It will always be my favorite song even though I have a different interpretation of the title.

(Today I will voluntarily drink Pepsi in honor of MJ.)

I was looking forward to traveling across the pond to see you in London. Seeing a live Michael Jackson concert was on my Life's To Do List. It will be one that will not be checked off. May you rest in peace. One day we'll meet up and we can find out what happened to Bubbles the chimpanzee and debate which Home Alone movie was the best of all time.